We know that MPNs can be challenging conditions because the symptoms vary and can affect people differently. In order to ensure you get the most appropriate treatment for your individual circumstances, it’s important to be able to explain your symptoms to your doctor, and to describe what effect they’re having on your day-to-day life.


That’s exactly what the MPN10 has been designed to help you do. Use this specially designed MPN symptom tracker to record how your symptoms are affecting you over time. By tracking your symptoms, you may find that they have increased over time, this may mean that a change in your treatment is needed. You can use this form to discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your doctor at your next appointment.


  • Click on the link below to go to the MPN10 symptom tracker. When you reach the homepage, choose the ‘score your symptoms’ icon to rate each of your symptoms from 0-10.
  • ‘0’ represents a symptom that is not present, anything from 1 to 10 represents how severe each symptom has been, with 10 representing the worst imaginable symptom.
  • The symptom tracker will provide you with an overall symptom score which can be compared on the chart to your previous scores in the ‘view your symptoms’ section.
  • You can send your scores to your doctor by email to help explain how you’ve been feeling and how any symptoms have changed over time. This will help your doctor to plan the best management plan for you.
  • Try to complete the form on the same day each week to help you remember.

If you notice your symptoms changing, getting better or worse, this tracker can help you tell your doctor and explain how they are affecting you on a day-to-day basis.

– Professor Claire Harrison Consultant Haematologist